Project Description

The Trending Beard Market

Don Mazuma started in November 2014.  This was right around the same time that it was getting cold and a few of us at MB3 started growing a beard.  Our interests shifted.  What started as a fun project to make money while we discover ways to improve our beards, turned into a highly lucrative venture.

We started off with a simple e-commerce store that was a perfect testing ground to see what the market wants.  We were able to identify the main problems the bearded community faces on a regular basis and that’s where we drove our focus.  Products to help maintain beard health and groom appropriately were key.

As our venture furthered in early 2015, the word behind the brand started to spread through the MB3 inner circle.  We quickly made local connections with a few beard barbers who were creating variations of the same products we were selling on the store.  This opened up the door to quality products and a quality resource for beard content.

Here’s A Look At Some Of The Products

Then Came The Box Club…

Monthly Box Clubs Started To Become Popular

We recognized this market was in need of our products and advise not only in a 1 time event, but rather continually.  This is when the monthly beard club was started.  Fans could now enjoy their favorite Don Mazuma products delivered directly to their front door.

It was time to prepare for growth…

In the beginning of Q2 of 2015, individual product branding and vendor relationships really started to take off.  This not only allowed us to streamline the product delivery process, but it also gave us the assets needed to take the next steps with Don Mazuma.  We had been involved in the market for a few months at this point and had a solid idea of where we could take the brand.    

Where DM is heading…

The idea behind Don Mazuma from day 1 has been to produce a quality men’s fashion line and that’s exactly where it’s heading.  The beard market was a fun test run into this industry that produced and still produces great results.  As of today, the MB3 team is preparing for the rerelease of Don Mazuma in early 2016 with the next focuses in play.