Project Description

Back in mid 2015, I had just been playing around with selling t-shirts online for only a few months.  I had some successes and things were picking up, but it wasn’t until I tried out a simple Cow shirt that read, “Cows Make Me Happy, You Not So Much” that things started to really turn around.  This shirt ended up sky rocketing and selling more than any other shirt I had launched before.  I took this same phrase and used it with hundreds of other niches.  I had a really great Christmas season because of this simple phrase.

What really took off well for me during this period were farmers and especially farm animal fanatics.  I continued to grow the community of this industry and created many more products for these buyers throughout 2016, but it wasn’t until February 2017 that I officially opened the doors to a farmer and farm animal fanatic storefront, Barn Yard Bliss.

This storefront now produces some of the best apparel, home decor, and tons of other novelty goods for farm and farm animal enthusiasts.  In it’s short life, this brand has been growing immensely and customers are loving what’s being produced.

Here’s A Look At Some Of The Products

Then Came The Box Club…

We recognized this market was in need of our products more than just a one time event.  This is when the monthly box subscriptions were started.  Fans could now enjoy their favorite farm animal products delivered directly to their front door every month.

Where BYB is heading…

The idea behind Barn Yard Bliss from day 1 has been to produce a quality fashion and novelty line and that’s exactly what farm animal enthusiasts are looking for.  We are continually building our communities and the quality goods we produce.  We look forward to being the number one provider in this market.