Project Description

Taking Business To The Next Level

Kingpinning was created to help guide those with the entrepreneur passion.  After 10 years of being an entrepreneur myself, I know what it takes to make a thriving business actually work.  There were many struggles and road blocks along the way… but due to my experience through this, I am able to help businesses take it to the next level no matter where they are today.  This brand was created to bring that knowledge to aspiring entrepreneur startups, local brick & mortars, and even medium to large corporate businesses.

Kingpinning was brought to life in August 2015 with the opening of the website.  Multiple training programs have already been produced including Crushing E-Commerce & T-Maniacs.  We plan to continue launching quality products to our readers each quarter.  Our masterminds, private groups, and consulting packages are all available for those looking to dominate and begin building their empire.

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Why Our Business System Works…

We Know The Audience

One of the most important pieces to any successful business is knowing who your potential customers are, where they like to be, and why do they need your help.  We focus on this heavily early on with any business.  The sooner we can identify the ideal buyer, the sooner we will see success.

Build Automated Processes

As soon as you find something that works, it’s time to process it out and automate those steps with employees and software.  This allows you to move on to the more important projects in your business & in your life while the success continues to come in while you sleep. 

Consistent Quality

Building a long lasting authority brand comes down to the trust you build with your audience.  The easiest way to continue growing that trust is to continue delivering quality material.  Content that is there to help your viewers and not just make your business a quick buck.  It always pays off.

Be Everywhere

Once you have your brand going, it’s time to be seen every where your audience will be.  We focus on turning our brands into authority sources in the industry.  This includes being seen every where at every turn.  Expanding out and scaling once something is working is a big key to our empire growth.

Where We’re Heading…

Software Development

After running successful business systems for the past few years, we’ve been able to build tools to make these processes even easier.  These software tools and applications have been exclusive to the MB3 team until now.  In late 2015, you’ll see our tools start to hit the market.


In the near future, Kingpinning has some very excited projects getting under way.  We’ll be taking the typical business advice brand to the mainstream public as we make our content as entertaining to those interested as possible with broadcast-esque programs.  We want to make the learning process for business domination as easy and fun as possible.